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How to get a business loan?

Intro Securing a business loan can be a pivotal step in your company’s growth trajectory, offering the financial support needed to expand operations, invest in new equipment, marketing or to manage cash flow. However, navigating the process of obtaining a business...

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Funding for dentists

Investment in a dental practice may be considerable. Its scale is reflected in the movement of prices for those practices which come up for sale. During the course of 2017, for example, the average price of a dental practice in the UK rose by 14.9%, according to...

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Disbursements for law firms

Disbursements may be a contentious issue for any law firms. Your clients might raise their eyes about the large sum that might appear under that heading when you present your final account. And for the firm itself, significant sums may need to be spent on...

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Finding unsecured business finance

Running any kind of professional practice – whether in law, medicine, accountancy or architecture, for example – is a thoroughly demanding exercise. The lion’s share of your efforts is likely to be focused in providing a top-rate, professional level of service to your...

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Quick guide to business finance

Businesses thrive on innovation and the challenge of meeting new opportunities – this is invariably a key to their financial success. But in order to innovate, in order to rise to the challenge of new opportunities, businesses also need access to the necessary...

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Why compare business loans?

Business decisions require just as much – if not more – care and consideration as those we make with our personal finances. Before purchasing any goods or services – including the effective “purchase” of a business loan – therefore, a number of basic decisions need to...

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